Prodigal Son, Promo EP

by Steve Kouba

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I'm Your Man 03:28
The dreams I never had, would come true When everything went black, I saw you When my mind went numb, it was then I truly knew You were the only one for me With every lie you tell, I trust you If you ever come clean, I'll bust you How you find the strength to never do what you must do Truly amazes me It feels so wrong it has to be This Love, Paradoxical. So impossible My unyielding force Your immovable obstacle So plain that it's beautiful This lie is irrefutable, This mistake inscrutable The whole thing, inexcusable
I overeat, I overspend, I gamble and I smoke I overdrink, I overdrug, I'll tell a racist joke I curse invoking Jesus, I judge everyone I meet And women, bring me women from the penthouse to the street I am overcome by my weakness for a fall spend my power on my pleasure and my time loving it all I stumble through my life like a drunkard to the dawn I am always breaking form, and forever moving on... Hello everybody I am the Prodigal Son and you cannot begrudge me if I have a little fun The fight is not yet finished, the race is not yet won It's a battle to the bitter end, it's only just begun.
Fiat Lux 04:08
There is a star I have in mind It has no form It has no kind It is the source of all I am It is the source I am the man There is a star so deep in space Where lives another sacred race And like them we ask ourselves Are we in heaven or is this hell? Let there be light, let it shine on me I'm in the dark, but I want to see If there is a god, in god I trust Oh let there be light, Fiat Lux.


Promotional EP

“…attention grabbing throughout with his unique storytelling style."
- Indie Band Guru

“…a roots rock album dripping with personality and sincerity.”
- Hands Off Promotions

“…witty and intuitive…”
- Independent Music Promotions (IMP)


released May 20, 2014

Music and Lyrics by Steve Kouba
Piano, Keyboards and Vocals by Steve Kouba
Guitars by Mike O'Cull, John Scholvin and Steve Kouba
Bass by Adam Johnson, Mark Beringer, and Scottish McMillian
Drums by Earl Talbot, Vance Okrasczewski and Derek Crawford.
Mixed by Scottish McMillian and Steve Kouba
Cover photo by Steve Kouba
Cover art by Troy Neihardt

A Single Song, Prodigal Son and Fiat Lux recorded at IV Labs.
Fake It 'til You Make It recorded at Uptown Recorders and KoubaStudio.
I'm Your Man and Love Paradoxical recorded at KoubaStudio


all rights reserved


about Chicago, Illinois

Piano man bar star vagabond fuck-up with a recording habit

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