Savory La Fontaine

by Steve Kouba/Savory La Fontaine



Savory La Fontaine's autobiographical masterpiece, recorded live at his castle in Romania.


Thank you god for making me a rockstar
But it's a heavy thing to carry 'round
It could be worse, I could be an actor
At least, I'm not a poet, or a clown

It's not always pretty being easy
As in real life, people do get hurt
These little girls I gobble up like candy
Are never my last meal, they're just desserts

My appetites have all nearly consumed me
I drink the wine of decadent excess
I've parlayed to survive, I'm a rockstar, I'm alive
But I'll be damned if there's no proof of my success!

I am Savory La Fontaine, I am
So Savory what's your game?
Delusional maybe, but not insane,
I'm La Divine, I'm La Profone
I need you love, I share your pain,
so close your eyes and see the flame
now take a breath and say my name
Savory... La... Fontaine.


released October 31, 2012
Words and music by Savory La Fontaine.



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about Chicago, Illinois

Piano man bar star vagabond fuck-up with a recording habit

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